Peace stand 53 inches tall to the top of the star! 

Make a statement this Christmas with this beautiful and big Peace sign. The letters stand 40 inches tall and are painted a vibrant red. 

The Nativity on the C has every detail engraved and is painted a bright white that contrasts nicely from the red. 

This sign is so pretty but also very durable. Each letter comes with a 37" stake that goes into the earth 12" for maximum stability. The letters screw onto the stake through the pre-drilled holes. All of the hardware is included.

Place a spot light on Peace and it's sure to be noticed.

My yard art is made from the best materials I can find. I use a resign coated wood that won't splinter and I paint my signs with three coats of exterior paint and seal all sides with a weather protectant sealer. The back of the sign is painted black and weather resistant sealed.

I'm shipping this sign 2-5 business days from purchase. Once ordered I will email you the exact shipment date.


- P is 40" tall by 24" wide
- E is 40" tall by 24" wide
- A is 40" tall by 24" wide
- C is 53" tall to the top of the star by 24" wide
- E is 40" tall by 24" wide
- Star is 22" tall by 17" wide

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