I create quality engraved wood signs whether they hang out in the front yard or adorn the walls of your home. I am committed to using only the best materials available including high end marine grade wood, local birch for the indoor decor, and high gloss exterior paint and sealer. My process begins with creative design then it goes out to the CNC Router for cutting, after the cutting and engraving I hand paint each sign to the customer's specifications and then I seal all sides of the sign. I take great care to package  the signs to ensure they arrive in stellar condition.

Featured Signs


I started in 2007 on accident. I was contributing my part to my moms group fundraiser by putting together some kid games for the hoe down fundraiser. I decided to cut out a horse and cow out for better visual interest although I had never done anything like this before. Some paint and time later they were done and I left the event with 3 orders for some Christmas snowmen and Santa's. 
Since 2007 I have expanded my business to include stork and birthday yard card rentals in my Roseville California area. I have also grown to include a wide range of personalized signs and holiday signs for all occasions for purchase. 
In 2012, I purchase a CNC router to help me out with the cutting and have a beautiful pink workshop off my kitchen so that I am still accessible to my family. 

My Kiddos

My kids are a big part of the business, it allows me to work from home and be with them 24/7. I have been able to teach my children very valuable business skills including: the shipping process, money management, painting & designing while being able to integrate fun little things along the way. Benny, my eldest has really taken an initiative towards understanding the technical side of the business, like working with the design program and also putting together the website. Chloe, my only girl has also taken a tune to designing signs, but also adds awesome input with color. The youngest, Teague is very good at painting large signs with the paint roller it's one of the many things he loves to do. Working from home with my children has been a gift. I love making wood signs. I love that my kiddos are involved in my work and that they get to see me happy with them and happy with work.

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